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Residential Applications

Invest Wisely in Your Home, Garage, or Indoor Space: Choose DelPro 1238™ & 1638™!

Crafted from durable PVC, DelPro 1238 & 1638 Wall and Ceiling Panels offer effortless installation, ushering in a luminous and pristine culmination that optimizes illumination within any space. Notably, these panels exhibit remarkable waterproof capabilities and are fortified to withstand impacts. They stand as an impeccable substitute for conventional drywall, boasting a quick and easy installation for your garage, kitchen, and more.


A shop or garage serves as a storage space for your vehicle, tools, and various items, but it often appears dim and accumulates dirt rapidly.

With DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ wall and ceiling panels, the process of revitalizing your space becomes effortless. These panels not only boast easy installation but are also virtually maintenance-free, which significantly reduces the workload associated with keeping your shop or garage organized.

Imagine the transformation these smooth, radiant white panels can bring about in your space. Gone is the dim and grubby environment; in its place emerges a radiant, inviting haven that is both easy to maintain and visually pleasing. Cleaning is a breeze, and the atmosphere becomes one of comfort.

The distinguishing feature of DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ lies in their innovative tongue and groove system, designed to facilitate a swift and uncomplicated installation process for both walls and ceilings. Moreover, the concealed fastener technology ensures a sleek, seamless finish that adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Peace of mind accompanies these panels. Not only do they enhance your space, but they also come with a substantial 25-Year Warranty. Furthermore, they hold the distinction of being CFIA Approved and possess a CAN ULC S102.2 Fire Rating.


What makes DelPro 1238 & 1638 the best PVC Panel in the industry?

Easy to Clean & Easy to Install

DelPro Panels are easy to clean which keeps them looking great for years to come.

A quick and easy installation helps to make DelPro Panels the superior alternative to drywall or FRP installations.

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