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Commercial Applications

Whether it's enhancing the interior of a pumphouse or brewery, creating sleek office spaces, enhancing the look of commercial houseboats, using in indoor swimming pools, or providing clean and durable surfaces in healthcare facilities and cleanrooms, DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ panels excel in as your premier choice for commercial wall panels.

DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ interlocking wall and ceiling panels boast a tongue and groove system with concealed fasteners, facilitating a swift and effortless installation process while delivering a flawless, uninterrupted aesthetic. This makes DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ the ideal choice for your business.

Breweries/Wineries • Pumphouses • Cleanrooms • Commercial Kitchens • Commercial Houseboats • Showrooms • Indoor Swimming Pools • Office Spaces •   Healthcare Facilities • & More!

Initial impressions carry immense significance in any commercial environment. When customers step into a well-lit, immaculate space, their perception of your establishment becomes markedly positive, even if they don't find exactly what they're seeking. Conversely, a dimly lit, unkempt environment can immediately cast a negative light on your enterprise and its offerings, leaving a lasting impact that's hard to shake.


DelPro 1238™ and DelPro 1638™ wall and ceiling panels are designed to cultivate favorable first impressions and garner positive feedback for your business, encouraging repeat visits. With the tongue and groove system ensuring a hassle-free installation for your walls and ceilings, and the concealed fastener technology ensuring a clean and seamless appearance, your commercial space will radiate professionalism and quality.


What makes DelPro 1238 & 1638 the best PVC Panel in the industry?

Easy to Clean & Easy to Install

DelPro Panels are easy to clean which keeps them looking great for years to come.

A quick and easy installation helps to make DelPro Panels the superior alternative to drywall or FRP installations.

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